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Anti Aging Tips For Your Face

Use UV screening cosmetic products-If you protect your skin from the sun's rays only in the summer, when you're sunbathing, you must know that this singular habit isn't an effective barrier against wrinkles. Sun exposure is the main factor of skin aging. Some experts actually estimate that about 80% of aging is due to sun effects. Even more, sun exposure can cause skin cancer after the age of 50. Protection must be adapted depending on each type of skin.

People with very light skin color need to use UV screening creams all year round. If you're using these kinds of products daily there's a chance that your skin will have less wrinkles or sun-caused spots. Smile -There is something in a smile that gives you a healthy young glow. Plus, it takes more muscles to smile than to frown so it is better to keep those lips upwards.

Smiling also relaxes the muscles of the face and even the whole body, preventing the development of wrinkles so early in life. Sleep - Sleep refreshes the body. In fact, it is through sleep that the body regenerates itself and rests for the day.

As a standard, an adult should be able to sleep for about 8-9 hours at night. This is why when we lack sleep, our eyes will have dark circles surrounding them. We will also look tired. and we will feel it to. Vitamins-Daily intake of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C and E boosts our bodies' antioxidant defense.

This protects us against the harmful damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals essentially cause a loss in our skin elasticity, leading to wrinkles. By ensuring our body gets a constant supply of vitamins, we can get rid of wrinkles even before they appear. Drink more liquids-Correct body hydration helps keep your skin young. Drink natural juices as much as possible, mineral water and tea.

Avoid consuming too much black tea and coffee. In the summer your body will need up to 6 liters of fluids while in the cold season 1.5-2 liters will do the job. Drink Lots of Water-It is a simple thing to do, but we often neglect hydrating our body with enough fluids. Water plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin complexion. A minimum of 8 glasses daily is ideal.

Smoking- Smoking is highly responsible for the aging of your skin as it damages your respiratory system. This causes various types of ailments depriving you with good health. Gravity- The effect of gravity with the passing of time causes the jowls to develop. The reason being that gravity pulls everything downward. The effect of gravity is seen after a certain age and nothing else but only surgery can remove them. Make reducing stress a priority-When you are stressed your body produces large amounts of cortisol, a steroid hormone that causes you to produce excess oil, which clogs glands and can lead to acne.

Reduce stress by talking to your friends at least once a week, find reasons to laugh every day, work out at the gym and get the rest your body needs. Some doctors maintain that a good sex life can reduce stress and lower cortisol levels.

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