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The Best New Perfumes for Spring & Summer

A list of the hottest new scents for spring & summer
Every season a new rash of fragrances hit the market. So which ones are worth the bucks? I've read the magazines, sniffed the perfumes & given them a test run & these are the 14 best new (and not so new) fragrances for spring & summer.

Added bonus: Read on to the bottom to get an expert tip on how to make fragrance last without fumigating everyone on the elevator.

1. elizabeth W Magnolia Eau de Parfum The minute I smelled this fragrance in Anthropologie, I knew I had to buy it. Light & airy, it smelled of romantic summer nights in the Old South. And the price was just right: $28. Ingredients: White magnolia petals deepened with saffron and sandalwood and mingled with Riviera mimosa and gardenia.

2. Acqua di Parma's Blu Mediterraneo Celebrities are huge fans of this gorgeous perfume from Acqua di Parma. And it's no wonder why. The notes of mandarin & bergamot keep this sweet, floral fragrance crisp, but not syrupy. Pricey, but worth it at $98.

3. Bulgari Blu Notte THis latest fragrance from Bulgari was meant to be worn after dark. Blue Notte's blend of galanga, iris & dark chocolate embodies 'refined seduction, along with the mystery of the night,' according to the company.$48.

4. Stila Midnight Bloom Another perfume perfect for the night, Stila's new Midnight Bloom is a mix of sweet fig, sandalwood & golden amber that 'mesmerizes under the moonlight, leaving you spinning.' OK. Anyway, it's $50. Not bad at all. And testers at Allure magazine gave it high marks claiming it smells like spring.

5. Thierry Mugler Violet, Peony & Lily ($60 each) Thierry Mugler Angel is a legendary fragrance, but if its rich, gourmand notes are too bold for your taste, try one of his 3 lighter Angels that recently fell to earth. There's Violet, Lily, & Peony. Their bottles are as gorgeous as the original.

6. Gap Scent Editions perfume oils Customized fragrances aren't just for the rich anymore. At Gap, you can mix & match 12 single-note aromas to come up with your perfect scent. 'People have always been interested in personalized scents,' says Rochelle Bloom of the Fragrance Foundation to InStyle magazine. 'They used to be elitist, but now scents are available to everyone.'

7. Moschino Couture In an InStyle Magazine interview, actress Mena Suvari said her signature scent is this one. "I've always been drawn to fragrances that are musky & spicy," she says. "I've been wearing Moschino Couture for a year, and it's amazing. I've only met like, two people who even know what it is. But whenever I wear it people always come straight out and ask, 'What are you wearing?' I love that." You'll love how affordable this perfume is.

8. Pink by Nanadabary If Madonna is more your icon, you might want to check out one of the fragrances she wears. Pink is a warm Oriental scent featuring nutmeg, coriander & bourbon vanilla notes. Another pricey perfume at $125.

9. Gucci Envy Me Want to make a fashion statement with your perfume? Try this new fragrance from Gucci. Housed in a logo-adorned bottle, this peony-and-pomegranate scent looks just as fresh as it smells.

10. Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil To formulate the company's new fragrance, Hermes' perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena turned to the understated glamour of the souks in the city of Aswan, along the Nile. The result is a blend of notes found on the riverbanks of the Nile, green mango, lotus blossoms & cassia tree leaves. $125.

11. Island Michael Kors Inspired by Kors' travels to exotic, beachy locales, Island 'is transports you with one spray,' says the designer. His new fragrance blends honeysuckle, Chinese kiwi & Bulgarian rose to create a light but sophisticated impression.

12. Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf are known for their clothes designed for fashion intellectuals who want to be noticed. Now there's a fragrance to match their clothes. Flowerbomb is potent, powerful & rose heavy.

13. Santa Maria Novella's perfumes The best perfume is the Melograno Acqua di Colonia. It's fresh & glamorous.

14. Guerlain L'Heure Bleu The perfect hint of Bergamot & vanilla. $52.

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