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Chef Uniforms Style Made to Order

Isn't it funny how many chef uniforms in high-class restaurants are white? Even a regular person who wears white shirts or pants has a hard time keeping them spot and stain-free on a normal day. Think about how difficult is it for cooks and bakers, who are constantly leaning over soup bowls and sauteing vegetables, to keep their chef uniforms clean and tidy. Whatever the reason for the color choice, the crisp white chef uniform sets apart the food preparers from other restaurant employees and represents a well-respected staff member who has earned a reputable position as a chef.

While the makeup of a chef uniform may project an image of a simple white smock or coat, there are many more color and fabric choices and accessories that could make up their business uniform. Chef frocks and jackets come in a variety of shades and styles. While most are the traditional white tops with minimal to no color design, others available include red, green and even denim chef uniform shirts. Most are secured by buttons either on one side of the front of the attire or contain two sets, usually sporting black or white colored buttons. A more relaxed, less high-scale establishment could also possibly distribute collared, polyester or cotton shirts to their employees for chef uniforms.

To add spiffiness to a chef uniform, accessorize the garments with neckerchiefs. They are an inexpensive item that spruces up the look of a basic chef uniform, adding color and a bit of flash to otherwise basic gear. Some kitchens require their cooks to wear simple black or white pants; others opt for a more unique and colorful chef uniform pant, purchasing cotton speckled or graphic-designed comfortable baggy or straight-legged bottoms.

Allowing chefs to sport these comfy pants may give a more creative feel among kitchen staff and are certainly more flexible when sprinting from the salad station to the dessert tray. Spills may also be less noticeable in case a chef is asked to make an appearance in the dining area. Adding a full-length or wrap-around waste apron could also act as a guard for unwanted splatter disasters. Big billowy hats are perhaps the most noticeable and captivating article of a chef uniform. Not only are they fun to look at by restaurant patrons, they serve the purpose of keeping loose hairs secure so that strands don't accidentally fall into the food. Caps are sometimes used as an alternative to chef hats and basically serve the same purpose.

Northing is worse than a scalded hand when a chef is cooking up a masterpiece. For that reason, oven mitts should be a chef uniform requirement for those handling metal pans or reaching into baking ovens. There is one more item that should be kept on hand to keep those chef uniforms looking spectacular.

Management should keep a bottle of stain remover accessible to remove surface spatters from chef uniforms as to lighten the washing machine's burden. Suggesting employees purchase a bottle for use at home wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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