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Choosing the Right Tanning Bed Lotions

Everyone is aware of the risks that UV rays have on our skin but understanding how to protect your skin will give you the protection you need in most cases. Using the proper tanning bed lotions is one of the best protections you can have. According to your skin type and if you regularly visit tanning salons has a lot to do with the type of tanning bed lotions or creams you should purchase. Cooling lotions will help keep your skin cool while you are in the tanning; however, this does not mean that you should stay in the tanning bed longer that than recommended time of 15 minutes. If this is your first time using a tanning bed you may only wish to tan for around 10 minutes and then go back two or three times during the week to get the tan you wish to achieve.

The best tanning method is to get a base tan before you darken your tan. Overexposure to the point of pink or red skin or to the extent of sunburn is never good for your skin. Tanning bed lotions help regulate the amount of ultraviolet rays that are absorbed into your skin. This just means that your skin will absorb the rays faster so you will not need to stay in the tanning bed for long periods of time in order to achieve that bronze tan that you desire. For the best tanning bed lotions, you should find one that also includes a moisturizer.

Tanning causes your skin to become dry, so you need to replenish your skin with a moisturizer even above the one included in the tanning lotion. Using a moisturizing tanning lotion will also help your tan last longer. You should talk with the salon assistant to ensure that you use the proper tanning lotion your skin tone, light, medium, and dark skin all need different types of tanning lotion. Even the different types of tanning beds or booth need a different type of lotion. When you are searching for the best tanning lotions, you should look for ones with all natural ingredients. Look for ones with amino acids, moisturizers, and antioxidants to ensure that you are getting the most from your lotion or cream.

Amino acids help stimulate the production of melanin which produces the tanning effect. Moisturizers of course help replenish your skin. The most popular one used in tanning lotions is aloe or hempseed oil. Antioxidants in tanning lotions help to prevent wrinkles that can result from tanning.

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