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Dry Skin Fighting Back

Dry skin can be horribly annoying. Having dry skin on your face looks unpleasant and the dry flakes can mix with the few oils in your skin or your cosmetics and lead to clogged pores. Dry skin on arms and legs can become irritating and itchy, especially during dry weather and winter months. You find yourself using lotion every day, but still seem to get dry skin.

Is there no other way of getting back your happy, soft skin? The answer to that is yes. Lotions and creams are not the only answer to the dry skin dilemma. In fact, there are several steps you can take in order to help ease and prevent dry skin. The No Soak Rule. Soaking in a tub, Jacuzzi, or lingering in a hot shower may feel nice, but later on you may find your skin becoming exceptionally dry. Soaking in all that water does not add moisture to your skin, but instead strips away your natural oils that keep you staying soft and supple.

Keep your baths or showers short and avoid extreme temperatures in your water; keep it warm but not too hot. Skip the Bath Oils. Yes, bath oils may smell nice and seem like a good idea, but in fact, the opposite is true (well, except for the smelling nice part).

When it comes to your skin, bath oils are not going to moisturize and instead make you want to soak for even longer than usual. We have already established the No Soak Rule. Also, oils may wind up trapping some cleansing product ingredients to your skin.

Having these ingredients stuck on you even after you step out of the tub can lead to more dryness and irritation. Wait until later to put oils on your skin. Skip the Soap. Unless a soap is specifically made for dry skin and you know it will not make your skin worse, avoid them. Instead, opt for cleansers that are gentle on your skin and do not leave you with a feeling of dried skin anywhere on your body.

When washing, avoid getting overzealous with scrubbing as this will only further remove natural oils and leave your skin even drier than before. Exfoliate. Though you do not want to over scrub your skin, you do want to remove dead skin cells to give your skin a fresh, healthy look.

Find a gentle product exfoliating product for dry skin. Be careful when choosing a product that contains harsh abrasive elements as these will only serve to harm your skin more. Moisturize. Locate a moisturizer with plenty of ingredients meant to help lock moisture in to your skin and help protect skin from the elements.

Ingredients such as anti oxidants, anti inflammatory components, and lipids can be beneficial to your skin in keeping it soft and protected. Some ingredients in moisturizers can be susceptible to light and air, so buy moisturizers in containers that are not clear or in jars. Moisturize Again. When you feel your skin becoming dry, it is time to put on more moisturizer. Do not worry about putting it on too much or too often; if you skin is constantly soaking it up and becoming dry again, there is nothing wrong with helping your skin out by adding more.

After you wash your hands, they can dry out, so that is a good time to reapply. If you put moisturizer on your face in the morning and then feel it drying out later after facing winter winds or harsh sunlight, reapply. This means you will have to keep your moisturizer handy, so find ways of keeping it with you wherever you go, just in case. Get Oily.

You have avoided the bath oils, skipped the bathtub soaking, and put on your best moisturizer. Now it is time to break out the oils. Find pure plant oils and give your skin a little added moisture in the spots that need it. Only a few drops will do.

Invest in a Humidifier. If you do not have a humidifier and are always struggling with dry skin, buying one may give you an extra edge. During winter the humidity drops, or if you live in a desert climate, you may not have much humidity to begin with.

Loss of humidity will lead to loss of skin moisture. Getting a humidifier will help you retain that moisture and protect you from dry skin. Following these simple steps can lead you to softer, smoother skin. Try not to neglect anything, because you cannot have baby soft skin if you fail to baby your skin in the first place!.

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