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Extraordinary Womens Shoes and The Extraordinary Women Who Flaunt Them

"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes." Who else but Oprah could have said such a gem? Since the beginning womens shoes have reflected everything about the women who wear them - style, status, aesthetic taste, and poise only a few among them. Women have worn shoes for various practical and stylistic reasons, but in the end it's an expression of what makes a woman feel good, and what makes her feel like she looks good too! Shopping for womens shoes is also a popular pastime and stress reliever.

In fact, some women can be so taken with the passion for buying shoes for themselves that they can build entire collections out of their purchases. Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Marcos is perhaps the best known among history's prominent "shoe-philes." Response to allegations that she has over three thousand pairs of shoes in her posession, she responded with dignity befitting a queen: "I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes. I had one thousand and sixty." It's not enough to own a lot of shoes - a woman who knows the value of a good pair of shoes has a discerning eye and a modern sensibility.

One of the many flattering words to describe such a woman would be "cosmopolitan." Women everywhere in the world love shoes, either to buy for themselves or to receive as gifts. And knowing exactly what shoes to wear with which outfit, to suit which occasion, is a sure mark of a true woman of the world. Women who love shoes can be found anywhere, at any age.

But the truly discriminating "artiste" among shoe-loving women are rare. Perhaps they could even be figured at one in a million - and once you've found such a one, it is only fair that you recognize her uniqueness. She has the skills and the bearing of a true aesthete. On the other hand, the man who knows how to pick out shoes for his lady is also one in a million.

The man who knows how to pick out his OWN shoes for style and comfort may be rare enough; very few men appreciate the need to take one's time in putting together an eye-catching, image-defining wardrobe. Quite a few men would settle for the cheapest or most impressively branded or most comfortable pairs of shoes without taking style, fashion and other factors into consideration. But you need all the know-how in order to buy a really great pair of womens shoes!. provides you with information on all kinds of Womens shoes. From flipflops to designer shoes, come take a look:

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