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Seeing a sagging, less youthful face looking back at you in the mirror can cause your psyche to do a double take ? all of a sudden your confidence leaves you as you realize that your jaw line is no longer firm and taut. You see slackness that cannot be disguised. The heavy, droopy eyelids, the cheeks that are sliding downward and that developing double chin are all tell-tale signs that age is showing on your face. This scenario is very common. It happens to celebrities and it happens to ordinary people like you and me.

Many people succumb to the hype of surgery, laser and injections. They are more than willing to use artificial means to attempt to give Mother Nature the proverbial boot. Usually when a person begins using injections to smooth, fill or paralyze fine lines and wrinkles, they have made a decision that will forever change their faces and perhaps even long-term good health. After all, do you really know all the ingredients in that syringe? Having a needle stuck in your face every few weeks over and over, year after year, does not equate to aging well. Does it? Preserving a youthful face has been the desire of most women and some men since the beginning of time.

Creams, lotions, and other preparations have been used for centuries in hopes of curtailing the march of time across aging faces. There are some pretty amazing topical skincare items in the market today but unfortunately they cannot stop the muscles from lengthening, dragging down and misshaping the skin and facial features. Even after years of using the finest topical skincare products, skin loses its tone and elasticity resulting in an old looking, soft face. The muscles in the face attach directly to the skin so when the muscles become flabby from dis-use, the skin tone then is spongy and lifeless. If you are like most consumers' surgery and injections scare you, and rightfully so; when aging is evident, sometimes desperate people take desperate means that fool with Mother Nature. Wearing a healthy face ? no sagging or droopiness in evidence is possible.

Just as exercise is used to realize better muscle tone and sleekness in the body there are specialized resistance exercises that will produce the same type of results for the face. Many good things happen to faces that are exercised. Increased circulation immediately de-stresses the features as the forehead, cheeks and eyes receive long needed lifting.

The most noticeable quality of an exercise face lift means tired muscles begin to plump up with oxygenated blood; the action of contraction affects the skin and it, too, feels and looks firmer and tighter. The entire face and neck can be lifted, toned and tightened just like the body. Take a look at your eyes. Hold a mirror at eye level and be honest: Do you see one or two tired, hooded eyes looking back at you? Do your eye lids feel heavy? The very delicate area around your eyes can be traumatized by the weight of the forehead muscle pushing downward into the eye brows and then the eye lids. This compression causes crows' feet as the forehead muscle elongates into first the upper eyes and over time, the compression will affect the lower eyes as well. Rather than fall prey to the hype that surgery and injections are the only options available, think exercise.

Facial exercise will lift the sagging brows and forehead, create a wider area between the eye lashes and eye brows and put the sparkle back in your eyes. Surgery and injections are not quick fixes. They are temporary at best. Recovery time and other issues such as infection, loss of sensation, disappointment, excessive bruising and scarring, nerve damage and prolonged healing need to be considered.

Exercise is natural, it's easy and the results will far out-rival the liquid or surgical facelift. Your face will look young and vibrant ? your confidence will soar.

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