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Flatter Your Figure with Right Body Type

Choosing a dress for the wedding is a very important task as no one wants to take chance regarding this for your big day. But as jewelry, shoes, hairstyles, etc. requires being complementary to your dress, in the same way choice of your dress should entirely depend on your body type.

To wear dress of their own choice on that auspicious day is everybody??s wish. But it does not mean that any dress hanging on a hanger will look good on you. Except style, fabrics and cuts, one more important thing that should be taken care of while selecting a dress is body type.

This article will help you to choose the right wedding dress style for your own body shape, by knowing about it.

The Full-Figured Bride
Many full-figured women are in illusion that nothing looks good on them. But this is their biggest mistake. They look stunning in A-line silhouettes. It draws attention from the waistline and at the same time lengthens the entire body.

The empire waist dresses are also a good choice as they conceal waist and hips. Also deep V-necks and scoop necks flatter curvy figures, and always look best on full-figured women. If you will follow this, surely no need to regret later.

The Petite Bride
An A-line dresses suits petite bride also as it is told earlier their style lengthens the body. Sheath dresses seem to shorten their figure, so avoid wearing them. But full skirts are fair enough.

Petite women should be very careful with strapless gowns while lifting their arms. So best is to go for cap sleeves as it gives a feeling of strapless gown and also holds gown in its place.

The Large-Busted Bride
On large busted brides Off-the-shoulder gowns look wonderful. It takes attention towards the shoulders and minimizes the chest. Your skirt should be narrow. Wearing a full skirt will make you look large both on top and bottom.

The Bottom-Heavy Bride
Women who have heavy hips and buttocks should wear A-line skirts to avert attention from hips. A-line skirts show off arms, back and bust line. Also avoid pleats or gathered fabric around the waist.

Right fit will definitely flatter your figure and that?? s the key to great style. No matter how beautiful your dress is, but it will not leave its mark until you are not dressing for your body type. Take special care of this factor and see the magic your wedding dress will do.


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