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Fur Scarves Formal Fashion Wear

You open the mail and there's an invitation to another formal holiday party. You don't want to be seen at this holiday party with the same dress you wore at previous holiday parties. But you don't have the money to buy a new dress (and, of course, all the accessories to go with it).

That's where fur scarves can help your outfit - whether formal or informal - and make it seem to be a completely different outfit! You'll look great in your stunning red dress at one party and you'll look great in a stunning red dress at another party. Fur scarves are great for formal events where you want to good.and different. What's more, very few formal dresses come with equally nice coats, capes, or shawls so a fur scarf can help keep your neck warm, which is especially important if you want to keep from catching a cold.

What kind of fur scarf should you get? One good rule of thumb is to look at your formal clothes (that you might wear a scarf with) and divide them into light and dark colors. With the light ones, find a dark mink scarf, or consider a fox fur scarf with twinges of color. For the darker clothes, find a lighter fur scarf like white rabbit. Consider getting more than one so that - if another formal invitation suddenly comes up - you'll be able to grab your old dress and your new scarf and feel like a million bucks as you walk into the room, all eyes on you. Scarves are fantastic accessories because they accentuate your face.

They draw attention up to your beautiful smile and your sparkling eyes and your memorable hair. Like a picture frame they frame your face and make you stand out. Don't forget that you can wear your fur scarves with more than just your formal wear. Casual clothing like jeans can look great when paired with a fur scarf. Don't forget that there are other kinds of scarves, too, not just fur scarves.

You'll find that a handful of scarves can really pick up your wardrobe if it's starting to feel tired. Pick up a silk scarf, a chiffon scarf, an organza scarf, a velvet scarf, and a chinchilla scarf. These are all must-haves for any girls closet.

Although it's harder to do with fur scarves, you can use some of these other scarves to draw out the color of your eyes for a dramatic and stunning look. Don't forget that scarves (except those made of fur or faux fur) can wrap around your head like a headwrap for a classy look from a bygone era. has the perfect gift buying fashion accessories. With designer scarves, fur scarves, pashmina, cashmere and many other scarfs and'll find the perfect gift for those you care about.

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