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Hair Removal Methods All About Hair Removal

At one time, removing body hair was a cultural thing - in some countries it was done, in others it was not. However, in the last decade an increasing number of us - regardless of our nationalities - are removing the leg and underarm hair we once kept. Shaving Shaving is a utilitarian, easy, quick, and affordable way to temporarily get rid of unwanted body hair. Avoid razor rash ­an itchy, bumpy reaction some people get to shaving - by exposing hair to warm water for at least 5 minutes before shaving. This softens hair and makes it easier to remove. A thick buffer of shave cream or soap lather further protects skin against shaving rash.

If you frequently suffer from dry, itchy, red skin after shaving, you may find it less irritating to shave in the same direction as hair growth. Note, though, that you won't get as smooth a finish as shaving against hair's growth. Creams Depilatory, or hair removal, creams use thyiogylcolate - the same ingredient found in permanent waves - to melt hair. Depilatories are great for anyone who gets rashes from shaving, or who hates the coarse, blunt-edged way that shaved hair grows back.

The downsides to depilatories are their intense chemical odor, and the way you must stand still for 5 to 10 minutes as the cream works. Furthermore, people with sensitive skin may find depilatories irritating. Waxing If you can get past the pain of having liquefied wax poured onto your skin then swiftly ripped away, then you'll no doubt love the week or two of fuzz-free skin that follows. However, regular waxing does slightly damage hair follicles, causing them to produce finer, skimpier hairs. Another downside to waxing - besides the pain - is that it breaks hair off just below the skin, which appears to promote ingrown hairs. Sugaring works much like waxing A sticky, sugar-based paste is painted onto skin, then rubbed off, pulling the hair away with it.

Light and laser treatment Not only can intense pulsed light be used to treat sun damage, scars, and broken veins, it also works to remove hair by temporarily inactivating the follicle, leaving you hair-free for 2 to 6 weeks. You may have heard of eflornithine cream, a new product that slows the growth of facial hair. It is believed to work by blocking an enzyme in the follicle that is necessary for hair growth. Laser hair removal systems use a laser to disable hair's follicles and once a follicle is destroyed, it is believed to stop producing hair.

However, some research indicates that with some medications or hormonal imbalances, dormant hair follicles can be stimulated to regrow hair. Two to four treatments carried out at 4- to 6-week intervals are required. Many dermatologists are also advocating long term control of hair growth using lasers, rather than advocating permanent hair removal. Hair removal with electrolysis Electrolysis directs electric pulses into hair's follicles where they shock the hair's root and inhibit hair growth.

It is done one follicle at a time, so it's impractical for large areas - but it is perfect for hairy chins or upper lips. It must be performed by a skilled practitioner, because electrolysis can cause slight scarring in some people.

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