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Home Tanning Bed Does It Worth the Price

Having a glowing tanned skin during dark and cold winter is great. If you are a regular visitor in a salon it might be time to think of buying your own home tanning bed. But before you buy a residential tanning bed there are several things you should consider. Home tanning beds benefits First and most important is convenience and the time you will save.

How many times did you think that you should go to the salon to fix your tan, but felt like it is too much trouble or you are too tired? It is also a hassle, making appointments and waiting for a vacant bed. If you have a home tanning bed, you don't have to make appointments, drive anywhere or wait for anything. You can pop in it at any time, even late at night. Time is not the only thing you will save.

Getting tan at home comes out cheaper, than going to a salon regularly. Of course, a residential tanning bed is a large investment, but it will last you for years and in the long term you will spend less, than if you were going to a salon. Another advantage of tanning beds at home is that you don't have to worry about who was using it before you.

Of course, UV rays kills most bacteria and salons are required to clean their beds after each use, but how can you be a 100 percent sure? It is better if only you and members of your family can use your tanning bed. Types of tanning beds for home use There are two main types of beds - traditional shell style beds and stand up tanning beds. Both are suitable for use at home. Vertical beds give you a more even tan, because you can more while tanning. There is no pressure points when you stand up rather than lie down in it, this contributes to more even tan too. Also vertical tanning beds use more powerful lights, so it takes less time to achieve desired tan.

If you are not sure which style you like better, try them both in a salon. It really is a matter of personal preference, some people like stand up beds, others prefer traditional style. Buying a Home Tanning Bed - What You Need to Consider There is one disadvantage of having a tanning bed at home - it consumes tons of energy. You will have to give it a secure plug point.

Also be prepared for your energy bill to increase. Another thing to consider is the space. Tanning beds are large and bulky, do you have enough extra room to put your new toy to? Stand up beds take slightly less space than horizontal ones, but still you will need some space for it. When selecting a home tanning bed, make sure you notice its dimensions and take measurements at home. Maintaining Your Residential Tanning Bed Tanning beds don't require much maintenance.

You will have to clean it with a special tanning bed cleaner once in a while. The only thing you should do regularly is to replace the bulbs. Tanning bed bulbs lose power with time and become less efficient. With an old lamp it takes twice as long to get the desired tan. So you will have to replace your lamps often.

Tanning can be dangerous - avoid health risks! When using a tanning beds at home it is easy to get districted and to lose truck of time. For this reason it is best to buy a bed with a timer. This way you don't damage your skin by tanning for too long. You should always use a tanning lotion while getting tan and afterwards. Lotion will protect your skin from damage that UV rays can do and also hydrate it. There are many benefits to having a home tanning bed - convenience, saving time, privacy.

If you buy a tanning bed it will serve you for many years, so it is very important to select one that is best for your needs.

There is much more to selecting the right home tanning bed Guide to Tanning Beds can give you all the info you need to make an informed decision when getting a tanning bed for your place

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