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How To Select A Cologne Or Perfume

Finding the perfect cologne - the one with your name on it can be very hard. With so many colognes out there, how can you tell which fragrance is for you? It isn't easy but it can definitely be done, and you may just find that more than one bottle bears your name.

So you want to find a fragrance that you love, but you don't know where to start. You most likely don't want to try 300 different perfumes out at the local mall, so it is recommended that you write down 5-10 specific cologne's that you have heard are great. You can go to any online perfume shop and go through their best sellers list and find the ones that catch your eye.

Once you have your initial list it is time to hit the stores.

You may find that your local store doesn't have every fragrance you wrote down, don't worry; you can try the ones that are there. Before moving on, it is important to note that you basically have two options when selecting a fragrance:

- Spray the scent on your wrist and smell the area periodically for a couple hours.

- Spray the scent on a card

I highly recommend you go with the first option. Most fragrances smell different on everyone's skin, so by applying the scent to yours, you will get a clear picture of that particular cologne's smell throughout its life on your body. Doing things this way, you will only be able to try out two perfumes on each visit to the store but you will get a much better indication of how the scent actually smells.

If you cannot do this, than spray each of your chosen fragrances onto different cards. Doing things this way will have you sniffing multiple scents in a short timeframe. Doing this will blur the smell after the third or fourth card so it is recommended that bring a cup of coffee with you and sniff the coffee after each whiff of cologne. For some reason, coffee is said to refresh a person's sense of smell.

With this method you will only get to smell the top notes of any fragrance, so you will have to pick a perfume based only on this.

By taking the time to test out a few different perfumes, and not going off of someone else's opinion, you will have much better luck in finding the best cologne for you.

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