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Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure Key Facts

Laser teeth whitening is also known as power bleaching or whitening. Even though it seems to be a little expensive, lots of people who are very concerned about their smile, especially actors, artists and those in the media prefer it to other teeth whitening procedures, as the results are faster and for the excellent. Laser teeth whitening technology is the latest and superior tooth whitening systems are available today. It takes just an hour to undergo this kind of treatment. The treatment is very simple and painless when laser teeth whitening system is used. The procedure starts with a little preparation before getting into it actually.

The dentist first cleans the teeth and it is very important because if the germs and plaque are present, it will hinder the whitening process. The lips and the gums are isolated before the procedure and a whitening gel is applied on the teeth by activating a specially designed light on it. The results are amazing as the teeth will be six to ten times whiter than the previous color and sometimes more than that can also happen.

For people with extreme discoloration, one session may not be enough to achieve desired results and hence the treatment might be repeated until the white coloration is noticeable. Of course it is to be done with the consultation of the dentist. In the laser tooth whitening process, a rubber dam is placed on the teeth to guard the gums and a whitening product is painted on the teeth and then laser light is focused on the chemical to stimulate to change the color of the teeth. The gel activated by light used in the laser teeth bleaching procedure was developed after many years of research.

The formula of the gel is scientifically done with the help of hydrogen peroxide, which is ph-balanced. When the gel is activated by light, it penetrates the teeth removing the deep discoloration and stains. A take-home laser teeth whitening procedure is also available, which works the same way as the laser teeth whitening techniques except for the fact that it needs to be worked on for three nights.

Laser teeth whitening procedure is more or less a spa procedure. When the procedure takes places the machine used to perform the procedure allows the person to relax on a comfortable chair with a movie or music to be viewed or heard. But unfortunately, it is not for every one and anyone, as the dentist needs to check the dental health of the person before getting into the procedure. Laser whitening treatment involves lot of money as it is considered to be an expensive dentist assisted procedure. However, the cost of the procedure might vary from dentist to dentist and the clinic where it is performed.

If a research done on the above subject, one may get the treatment at a competitive price. After the procedure, the patients have to be very careful in taking care of the teeth. The dentists advise not to consume foods or drink products that stain. Smoking too should be avoided.

People who have undergone laser treatment will find their teeth vulnerable to cold or hot items, but these symptoms vanish within a few days.

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