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Learn about the latest trends in fragrance now

The biggest trend today in the world of fashion isn't so much what clothes you are wearing, but rather what--or who's--fragrance you are wearing. Our noses connect the subconscious with an onslaught of emotions and thoughts, so be sure your fragrance works for you instead of against you! Regardless what the trend is, remember that each one of us has different body chemistry, so the scent that works for one person may not necessarily work for you. Although the trend may be important, keep in mind that finding a scent that works well for your body chemistry is even more so.

Today's trends in fragrance mainly involve who is behind the fragrance. Popular singers like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are currently hocking a variety of perfumes. Although neither the pop tart nor Jenny from the block has personally worked in a laboratory to brew her own fragrance, the star power behind their names is powerful! Also, the fragrance counters have been filled with fragrances from a variety of fashion designers. Hot designers today include the ever popular Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger to the preppy Lacoste and the junior favorite, Candies. Often, individuals buy fragrances not because of what is inside the bottle, but whose name is on the bottle or whose face is behind the advertising campaign.

The current trend on the actual scent of the fragrance tends to lean towards the fresh, light, and clean smells. Whereas past years saw the popular perfumes being those with heavy and even spicy scents, today's trend is completely opposite. Just look at Clique's signature fragrance, Happy. This perfume has been around for years, but is now more popular than ever, with the recent introduction of Happy Heart added to the collection. Other companies, including rival LancĂ´me have introduced new fragrances that smell heavenly, and light enough to float away!

Many individuals choose to swap body sprays or mists for traditional perfumes. Stores like Bath and Body Works and the Body Shop produce a phenomenal array of scents, with everything from fruit to flowers. During the holiday season, many individuals shift their scents to those evoking a particular feeling. Consider following this trend and use holiday related scents during the long winter months. Bath and Body Work's popular seasonal scents include light vanilla fragrances and even those with a hint of cranberry! Just like your wardrobe, your scent should change with the season, so stay abreast of the trends to find out which perfume works best for you!

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