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Lose Pounds Overnight By Dressing For Your Shape

Most everyone would like to lose 10 pounds overnight but we know that this is physically impossible, or is it? There actually is an easy way for you lose weight without dieting or exercise and or sweating for 20 hours in the sauna. What I'm talking about isn't a magic diet pill or some fad diet but it is simply choosing your clothing so that It flatters your body shape. There are four basic body shapes and in order to make yourself look slimmer without actually losing any weight, you simply need to choose your plus size clothes to fit your body shape. Accentuating the positives and defense rating the negative will give you a slimmer appearance literally overnight. Here are the four basic shapes and the kinds close you should choose to flatter each one: Hourglass Women with this voluptuous figure have large hips and bust but a small waist.

While you might be tempted to wear clothes that are tight around the waist to accentuate how small it is, you will actually In effect be doing the opposite and accentuating how larger hips are! We with our quest figures look better in fabrics that draped loosely. Don't buy anything too tight but try for a more tailored look as opposed to looking like you're wearing a tent. The key with this shape is to avoid drawing attention to your thin waist as this will make your hips and Bust look bigger than they actually are. Top Heavy This shape is more rounded with more weight on the top than on the bottom.

the key to slimming down the shape is to make your torso appear longer. To accomplish less, try making your outfit all one color - athe top the pants and even the shoes. overweight tight closebut also don't go for anything to loosen flowy, you want something that has straight simple lines. Try wearing jackets that are long which will help to draw the eye downward. Bottom Heavy This shape has slim shoulders, a small bust and wide hips.

so here, you need to deemphasize the hip area. Wearing shoulder pads will help make your shoulders look larger which will in turn me to have took smaller! You should only wear solid color pants and preferably a dark color. Avoid wearing anything that is too tight especially around the hips. Straight This body type has leaked is evenly distributed all over with a smaller bust. you want to stay away from anything that is bulky, like thick jackets or shoulder pads.

Loose flowy clothing looks best on this body type. One thing you can do for all body types is where colorful scarves and earings to essentially your beautiful face. After all, your body is only part of your looks.

While choosing the right clothing for your shape won't make the dial on your scale go down, it can make you look slimmer and help you feel better about yourself.

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about plus size clothing and how to look great in it!

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