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Makeup Artist Tips Celebrity Makeup Secrets

Makeup is an art where you use your cosmetics as paints and your face as the canvas to conjure up the desired look. Makeup doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple or as complex as you want and is as unique as the individual. Since everybody has a different complexion and look, no one style will be right for everyone. While choosing a style that will compliment your look your makeup should reflect your personality as well as play up your best features and hide any flaws.

If you thought those ladies roll out of bed looking flawless every morning, nothing could be further from the truth. Even the brightest stars in Hollywood wouldn't be caught dead without their "face" on. You shouldn't either. So what? You don't have a personal makeup artist. That's irrelevant. You won't need one when I lay down the Makeup Basics for you.

With these tips, you'll be looking like a star in no time! First, where else would we start but with your foundation? It didn't get this name for nothin'. That's your starting point, and the key is to find one that looks like you don't have any on! For some, it's a powder to be brushed on. For others, it's a liquid to be smoothed on.

But whichever you use, you want to appear au naturel. Second, for your cheeks, eyes, and lips, keep the colors neutral?especially if you're a beginner. Browns, oranges, greens and golds, earth tones, are always going to be your best bet regardless of your complexion. So for your cheeks, get a large brush and right along your cheekbones, sweep the color of your choice up towards your temples.

The easiest way to find the path is to suck your cheeks in like a fish, and the bony structure is where you want to apply the color. Lip gloss is what's hot, these days! So, this part is easy. Find a color that looks good on you, in a neutral tone, of course, and spread it on thick! For the lips, the glossier, the better! Your eyes are where the look will totally come together, so this is the part you really want to get right! Select three colors. For instance, a dark brown, a burnt orange, and gold. Close your eye and apply the dark brown in the crease of your eye. Try not to go too far in (towards the inside corners of your eyes).

Next, take the burnt orange and apply it right along the top of your eyelid (right above the lashes). This time, start from the inside corner and work your way out towards your cheek. Then, trace the underside of your arched eyebrow with the gold shadow.

Finish off with sweeping the lashes with a black mascara. Close the other eye and repeat the steps above. Now, go find yourself a mirror and marvel at the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen! Aren't you gorgeous? Now, I have a question for you: May I have your autograph? Best wishes, Movie Star!.

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