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Men's Cologne: The Latest & The Classics

You know the drill. You get out of the shower and are about to hit the town with the guys, but you feel like something's missing. Between your hair, clothes, shoes, and watch, everything seems to be in order, except for the same old cologne that you've been wearing for what feels like an eternity. You are a creature of habit, after all.

Your image is comprised of several components, and keeping things fresh is part of feeling good about yourself. And by fresh I'm not necessarily referring to your fragrance, although that's important too. Every guy should have at least three different cologne bottles, so if grandma gives you the same bottle every year come holiday time, it's time to tell her that papa's got a brand-new bag... or bottle.

By rotating between different colognes, not only will you never get sick of your "favorite" one, but you'll also keep the ladies around you on their toes.

From the latest scents to hit the scene to the staples on the market, check out the best in men's cologne for 2004.

Black -- by Kenneth Cole
Kenneth Cole is all about fashion for the urban man who favors classic looks with cutting-edge style, and its latest cologne reinforces that mission. "Black" is described as a "modern combination that's both fresh and sensuous at once."

Best for: I recommend "Black" for a night out with a new date -- it'll emphasize your mysterious side and the hints of spice will entice her like an aphrodisiac.

Key notes: mint, mandarin, basil, ginger, incense, exotic woods, black suede

Similar to: Dolce & Gabbana -- by Dolce & Gabbana

Givenchy -- by Givenchy
Released in 2002, this self-titled fragrance is woody and masculine, ensuring that women will take notice of your scent without even realizing what's catching their attention. Subtle yet noticeable, "Givenchy" is the perfect complement to a pair of black pants and a super sleek dark sweater.

Best for: Splash on some Givenchy the next time you're hitting the town, preferably heading to a happening nightclub or supper club.

Key notes: tangerine, grapefruit, coriander, cedar, breath of hedione, olibanum wood

Similar to: Diesel Zero Plus -- by Diesel

Marc Jacobs -- by Marc Jacobs
Known as a refreshing scent, Marc Jacobs is the design house you want to turn to for modern style that is never flashy, but always noticeable. This spicy and mossy cologne is so sexy that the ladies will want to know your name -- you can tell them, but just make sure you remember Marc Jacobs' name next time he has a new cologne on the market.

Best for: "Marc Jacobs" is just the cologne to wear during the day or on weekends, when you want a scent that won't overpower, but will always entice.

Key notes: bergamot, ginger, fig, rose, cyclamen, cedarwood, tonka bean

Similar to: Fahrenheit Summer -- by Christian Dior
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