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Migrate to Utah for Your Plastic Surgery Makeover

Because of higher demand in the area, plastic surgery is usually more expensive in California than other states. Perhaps the Hollywood atmosphere and a coastline full of beaches are both factors that contribute to the popularity of procedures like breast augmentation, facelifts, tummy tucks and liposuction. Still, whatever the reason, demand and prices in California are both high.

One way to escape the crowds and expense of California is to migrate to Utah for plastic surgery procedures.

After all, something like a breast implant in San Diego would be much more affordable in Salt Lake City. In fact, your savings would be so substantial that you will probably still have money left over for your own use after buying your plane ticket to Utah.

With fewer patients on their waiting lists, Utah doctors can also give you a lot of time and one on one attention.

Before you commit to a trip though, it would be wise to do your research. Check for qualifications like board certification, years of experience, honorary positions and field specialties. Feel free to call Utah doctors for consultations as well.

If you do decide to go to Utah for plastic surgery, it is important for you to have realistic expectations for how long you will need to stay in the city. Plan on arriving a few days early for a face to face consultation. Recovery time will depend on the procedure you choose though.

For example, some procedures are minor enough that patients can fly home 24 hours later. Other procedures, like a tummy tuck, may require that patients stay close to the doctor for proper care and recuperation.

Still, if you fly all the way to Utah, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity to stay a little longer and enjoy some of the sights. For example, Moab is famous for its red rock canyons and delicate arch while the mountains are full of ski resorts and luxury cabins.

Salt Lake City isnt as grand as New York or Chicago, but there is still a lot of history and entertainment in the area.

In addition to being a good break from work, a trip to Utah facilitates a little extra privacy as well. You are much less likely to run into people you know while recovering if you are hundreds of miles away from home. And, by the time you return, you should look and feel great.


About the Author (text)The Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah ( is one of the best facilities in the state for procedures like a breast implant. San Diego prices are much higher as well. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.

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