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Residential Tanning Beds Get Glamorous Tan at Home

Are you thinking about buying a residential tanning bed? Surely it is a large investment, but there are many benefits to having a tanning bed in home, instead of going to the salon every week. However, there are several things you need to consider before buying a home tanning bed. Residential tanning beds advantages There are many benefits in having a residential tanning bed instead of going to the salon. First, you will save considerable time, since you don't have to drive anywhere to get your tanning session. Second, being the only person who uses the tanning bed you can be absolutely sure that it is clean. And third, if you are in a habit of going to the salon once a week a tanning bed at home would save you money.

With proper maintenance it will last for many years, and surely will cost less than you would spend in the tanning salon over these years. How indoor tanning affects your health Of course the main benefit is golden skin glowing with health. Having tanned skin is associated with health, wealth and happiness.

There are other advantages as well. Tanning helps your skin to increase Vitamin D production, which is essential for your health. Tan decreased symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. It also increases the level of endorphins, the "hormone of happiness", so a good tanning session can chase away bad moods. And if you suffer from muscular pains, exposure to UV light gives you a relief.

Risks of tanning to your health are well known. Sun burns, premature aging and sagging of your skin and in extreme cases skin cancer. What is important to know that you can avoid health risks of tanning, by taking several preventive measures? First you should always protect your eyes while tanning.

Use quality sunglasses specially designed for tanning beds. Using tanning lotion during every session is also important. Also mention to your physician that you are tanning regularly. This way if there is any damage to your skin, your doctor will notice it and you can adjust the length of your tanning sessions. Difference between residential and salon tanning beds Residential tanning beds are not as powerful a commercial salon beds, they usually have fewer lamps. But otherwise they operate on exactly the same principles.

You get tan from exposure to UV rays of two types UVB and UVA. UVB rays are considered to be damaging to your health, but you need both types to get a good tan. Just UBA rays will not produce the desired result.

For regular tanners, residential home beds is a good investment. Treat yourself, you will see how much more convenient it is to get tan at home instead of going to salons.

All home tanning beds are not created equal. Tanning Beds Guide shows you the secrets of buying a Residential Tanning Bed that would give you glowing healthy tan and won't cost a fortune.

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