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Rolex and Changing Times

People have always been looking for a way to keep track of time. Through sundials and other crude models of time pieces to the evolution of the first watch that was reported to have been made in the 1500s people have always wanted the convenience and reliability of being able to tell what time it really is throughout the day. Although a few watches were designed and built before the Rolex not many were made as solid and reliable. Throughout the years the company has remained strong and a leader in watch inventions and innovations. The Rolex Company has always seemed to be the forerunner in new designs throughout time. In 1905 Hans Wildorf started a London company that dealt primarily in the distribution of watches.

In 1908 he named his company the Rolex Watch Company. In 1910 the company invented a watch small enough to be worn on a persons wrist which was uncommon for the time because most people during that time used pocket watches. It was a convenience to people and the Rolex name gained a lot of popularity for their wrist watch. In 1926 the company invented the first waterproof watch which was called the Oyster. The Perpetual another first for the company was the first watch with a self winding rotor mechanism. In 1945 the company came out with the first ever chronometer with an automatic date change named the Datejust.

Whether a person is after a classy look or rugged functionality the Rolex is the one that they want. Watches that will function well under stresses of work and play for instance the Submariner the first divers watch that was invented by the company in the 1950s. The companies watches were also worn by the mountain climbers who climbed up Mount Everest. The companys also made the first divers watch that was waterproof up to 2000 feet and was equipped with a gas escape valve. These are the type of watches that James Bond would wear.

Classy yet functional and also able to perform under pressure it is what makes these watches so unique and popular. Today there are many Rolex watches to choose from. All of the watches are sophisticated and classy and will perform just as well as the person wearing it. There are many different styles and looks for todays watch. So the individual not only has a choice on what type of performance they would like the watch to accomplish but also what type of look and style they would like the watch to have.

The watches such as the Datejust and Oyster are still available but have evolved with the times and have gotten better with age. There are many cheaper replicas of the Rolex available on the market today.

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