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Stretch Mark Home Remedies That Work

Throughout history, individuals have developed stretchmarks for various reasons, pregnancy, growth spurts, and even weight lifting or bodybuilding. Many people do not even think about the consequences this weight gain or muscle building can have on our bodies until it is too late with the appearance of stretch marks. The best way to treat stretch marks is to prepare your skin prior to the weight gain. If it is at all possible, it would be best to use preventive measures such as drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, stay away from caffeinated drink that tend to dehydrate the skin, and use home remedies to aid in the prevention of any blemishes. If you do drink such things as coffee or tea, you should drink the same amount of water.

Quite a few home remedies are safe to use even while pregnant such as cocoa butter and Shea Nut butter. If you are pregnant then you should apply cocoa butter or Shea Nut butter to your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and breast once in the morning and then in the evening before bed. This will help to moisturize your skin and give your skin the chance to become more elastic when needed. If you are weight lifting, you may use these butters on your arms, shoulders, and even your legs to help prevent stretch marks. Many people use Vitamin E along with other lotions or butter mentioned above to help with the fading or prevention of stretchmarks. Remember, if you did not begin preventive measures there are still home remedies that can help fade stretch marks.

Stretch marks will fade on their own after time, but it does not hurt to help them along. Castor oil is a moisturizing oil that many people do not think about when they hear the words stretch marks. However, castor oil is used for many ailments including the fading of stretch marks. It is applied similar to lotions and massaged into the skin, however, you will have to wrap plastic wrap around the area and leave for 20 minutes. This can be a rather messy alternative. Talking with your doctor or dermatologist is another good idea.

They maybe able to recommend other home remedies that have worked with some of their patients in the past. Remember, if you are breast-feeding or are pregnant, do not use any home remedies until you talk with your physician, some oils that are absorbed into the skin are not safe for baby.

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