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Tips on Shopping For Men's Colognes and Perfumes

With the huge variety of fragrances, colognes and perfumes available, it is understandable that men will find it confusing and difficult to choose their personal perfume. It is easy to get lost in the myriad of scents and smells that some pick the wrong perfume that does not compliment their personality and taste. There are many different kinds of scents, oils and essences being advertised which makes choosing one, very challenging. Finding the right perfume that compliments and enhances your personality is important. You don't want a perfume that simply smells good but a scent that becomes uniquely you – irresistible, alluring and attractive. There are many things a man should consider when choosing a personal perfume. These simple pointers are just to guide you in making the right decision.

When choosing a perfume, go for one which appeals to you and makes you feel great. Think of what kind of smell you find most attractive. Is it the woody and aromatic smell of spices? Then go for a spicy perfume. If you love the smell of the fresh ocean breeze, then you should choose an oceanic fragrance. If you feel good about yourself, you will exude confidence, which makes you much more attractive and charming. There are six main categories of perfumes including:

1. Floral – romantic and feminine, has flowers as a dominant theme

2. Fruity - spicy and fresh with fruits used as part of the formula

3. Oceanic - use synthetic elements to smell strongly of the sea

4. Greens - fresh energetic perfumes that remind you of the outdoors

5. Orientals - sexy exotic and intense perfumes that smell of musk, vanilla, spices and opulent heavy flowers

6. Woody - Perfume that smells like bark, moss and other things you might find in the forest

Of course, not all of these perfumes will suit your personality and taste. Go for a scent that will bring out the best qualities in you. Pick a scent that is subtle enough and not overpowering. You do not want to smell as if you took a bath in your perfume. Your scent should be sensual, but not overly sexy that you might give the wrong signals. Choose a scent that comes closer to the natural attractants in a man's body. By accentuating those scents, your perfume becomes much more effective and magnetic. For best effect, your scent should elicit happy memories in a woman. Such a scent will leave a woman wanting for more.

You can choose from many popular perfume brands. Some of the recommended colognes and perfumes include the following: Acqua de Gio by Armani has a strong citrus scent that reminds one of summer. Most people love its fresh scent. Cool Water by Davidoff is simply a classic - cool, refreshing and smooth, it is perfect for everyday wear. L'Eau D'Issey combines the scent of citrus and tobacco for a differently exciting fragrance. If you want a perfume that is elegant and speaks of class and good taste, go for perfumes from the French perfume houses Guerlain and the House of Creed. You can also choose Penhaligon's, Czech and Speake from England or Acqua di Parma from Italy.

Finding the perfect perfume that compliments your style, personality and essence may be challenging and difficult but it is also rewarding and enjoyable. Perfume becomes a medium of expressing yourself. Having the perfect scent makes a strong and lasting impression.

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