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Tips on Relieving Hair Removal Discomfort

Fashion can be a fickle beast and the ages have held that to always be true. In the 70s and 80s, male virility was naturally assumed if a man had an excessive amount of bodily hair. That same token still holds true in many societies today however there are many more that now value the smooth graceful signature of hair-free skin as much on a male as they do on a female.

By far, aside from some of the alternative movements, women have always been expected to have smooth and clean skin and so many display that quality with such flawless perfection. But how can these incarnations of Aphrodite submit themselves to the discomfort and even pain required to perform such a ritual of beauty, on such a regular basis? The chic of today most times demands a clean and hair free style. The most used technique for attaining such a style is to wax. Waxing, often, can certainly be very uncomfortable. Does it need to be, though? Not really. There are methods you can use to ease the soreness or get rid of it completely.

The key is to discover out what is the most successful for you and your personal level of pain tolerance. One option for evading the annoyance that can be caused by this hair removal practice is by using something as simple as aspirin or Tylenol. Some people with mix this option with other techniqes as described below and in future articles. Ice can be a very effective way to desensitize the place that is to be worked on, but there is a draw-back to it; some prefer your skin to be at normal temperature for the treatment. So you will need to speak to your salon or spa before doing this.

The most effective way, if icing is permitted, is to swathe an ice cube in some type of wet fabric. A reusable iced first aid pack will do as well if you looking to avoid the sloppiness of a melting chunk of ice. You will want to use the ice no more than five minutes before the waxing starts, and make sure to carry on the usage once the task is complete, until you feel the soreness has ebbed away.

Though there is officially no scientific data to suggest why, many women claims that popping a few antacids helps. doing this about an hour before you go in to be worked on, they say, does a fine job of lessening the discomfort without the use of ice or medication.

Eric Seminara likes to avoid pain when possible and has compiled many tips on painless hair removal and other techniques you can find at

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