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Trends in Sandals for Women

The runways of New York and Paris are the forerunners of the forthcoming season trends. History often repeats itself and this definitely is the case of fashion. The trend in sandals for women is the comeback of three very popular styles: flip flops, platforms, and kitten heels.

Beyond the Beach The latest fashion shows for spring indicate that flip flops are not just back in style, but that they have become a mainstream shoe. One incident that is a strong indicator that this is true happened at the U.S. capital. Northwestern University's lacrosse team won the national championship of 2006 and was subsequently invited to the White House.

While their meeting was uneventful, a media buzz stirred after their visit. What was splattered on the Internet and the news was an image of the team with the President-many of the team members wearing sandals. It sounds funny that anyone would show up to the White House wearing sandals, but the truth is that it is becoming more acceptable to wear sandals in more professional settings. Styles of sandals are changing to adapt to this new attitude.

The line of Dollhouse sandals is just one example of sandals that would complement a business ensemble. Sandals by Dockers also fit the general definition of business casual. Exploring the Delicate Side of Sandals The large platform shoes with clunky heels that have been the rave for several seasons are slowly fading in existence.

While high heel sandals with thick heels are still popular for the upcoming spring season, they are softer and more feminine. This season, platform sandals by big names such as Baby Phat, American Eagle, and Anne Klein possess daring heels and touches of ornamentation. This slow shift to a more delicate style stems from the softer colors and feminine styles that are trends in women's fashions. Sandals in pastel shades such as pink and powder blue will rule in shoe stores. Kitten sandals made their debut in the mid 1950s and are now making a comeback.

These shoes are considered dress sandals and are characterized by a short heel (about 1.5 inches) and an ultra feminine look. Dressy kitten sandals are popular again mainly because they offer women the classy style of dressy high heels without the discomfort.

Dress kitten sandals are suitable for special occasions that involve a significant amount of walking. Many of the styles of kitten sandals are festive and elegant. Young girls attending their first formal event, such as the prom, are the targets of many of the kitten sandal styles. Instead of wearing dressy high heels that may be to mature for them, the young women can wear kitten sandals.

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