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What Is A Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Picture this - clean, smooth, hairless bodies! Doesn't that sound appealing? What more, that you can permanently free yourself from waxing, tweezing and shaving? Well laser is the solution! Laser hair removal has become the rule of the day. This therapy is defined as "epilation performed by laser." Epilation means removal of hair from the body. The chief technology behind it is selective photothermolysis. The scientific definition of selective photothermolysis is - getting the right amount of the right wavelength of laser energy to the right tissue to damage or destroy only that tissue, and nothing else. So what is the role of a Laser Hair removal specialist? And how do you know that you have consulted the right specialist? There are some questions that you need to ask before deciding if this therapy is right for you.

A laser hair removal specialist or surgeon (as they are known) uses a special instrument in order to deliver pulses of light into the hair follicles. Follicles are damaged and hair growth is terminated due to the heat emitted. The laser pulses are long enough to vaporize the pigment, and thus disable a number of follicles at a time. This drastically hinders any hair growth in the treated area. The time frame of the treatment and the intensity of the laser beam is dependant on two criteria: * Density and color of the body hair. * The body surface from which the hair is to be removed.

The treatment can be performed in either minutes or hours. The number of sessions required for the treatment can vary though. Usually patients need to wait for nearly a year to notice substantial benefits of the treatment, as hair growth cycles are about six months. Selecting Your Specialist The parameters of selecting a laser hair removal specialist are: * Ensure that the specialist works on a good laser, which has been prescribed for hair removal. * Is the laser used, harmless to your skin and hair type? * Reliable certification of being a laser hair removal specialist and level of experience in the field.

* Policy of the clinic to correcting or repeating the procedure if the therapy does not produce desired and expected results. * Cleanliness of the clinic. * Last, but not the least, charges for the treatment. Guidance From The Specialist A reliable and qualified specialist should also be able to guide his customer on the following: * How your skin will respond to the thermal effects of hair removal. * He should be able to detect and understand underlying causes of hair growth, which can influence your hair removal progress, and develop a treatment schedule that will work for you. * Should be able to refer you to respective specialists when hormonal imbalances are detected which cause some types of hair growth or when unusual dermatology conditions are observed.

A special mention here is that customers ready to undergo this therapy should be aware that not all laser hair removal specialists are physicians, as some of them may be have studied or trained for specifically, hair removal, under which they learn the biology and growth cycles of human hair, laser physics, and safety concerns of the treatment. Customers Should Make Certain It is suggested, that customers go for the first-time consultation and trial, before undergoing the therapy itself. Also, customers should inform the hair removal specialist about specific allergies and medical conditions.

They should intimate the surgeon if they are undergoing any particular medication, as that can affect the therapy adversely. Also, it is the customers right to know more about the therapy. So customers need to ask the following questions: * Can the laser treatment cause irritation to the skin? * How many sessions to undergo? * Any specific methods that will be used, deviating from the normal procedure, is so, why? * Any health-related side effects? * What are the precautions to be used during the treatment, and post treatment? * Confirmation of the permanency of the treatment.

* Is the treatment, completely painless and if not, what kind of anesthesia is being used? * The chances of re-growth. * Talk to clients that have previously undergone the treatment from the particular practitioner. * Also, make sure to have a written document of the prescribed treatment and the expected results.

In this regard, it is advantageous if the customer notes down the particular laser device used and other specifications of the treatment. Safe beautification is the key! Make sure to take adequate precautions and select the right specialist.

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