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What Is Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a very common procedure now in general dentistry, especially within the field of cosmetic dentistry. Also referred to as teeth bleaching, dental whitening, or dental bleaching, it is a procedure that attempts to improve the color (shade) of the tooth's surface (enamel). Typically, there are two ways a tooth can be whitened. First, there are products that bleach the tooth, which means that it actually changes the tooth's color with products that contain peroxide(s). These peroxide(s) help remove deep and surface stains.

Second, non-bleaching whitening products contain agents that work by physical or chemical action to help remove surface stains only. ARE YOU EXPERIENCING DISCOLORATION OF YOUR TEETH? According to Dr. Maria Lopez of the American Dental Associations' "ADA Dental Minute", smoking, drinking coffee, tea, or wine, as well as the food you eat and the medications you are on, can cause discoloration of your teeth.

Some things are under your control, but other things are not. As you age, changes in the mineral structure of your teeth take place and the enamel (surface of the tooth) becomes more susceptible to discoloration. Your gene make-up can also determine the amount of discoloration in your teeth. LEADING CAUSES OF DISCOLORATION IN YOUR TEETH: * Foods & Drinks: Coffee, Tea, Cola, Wine, Certain Fruits and Vegetables * Age: Layer of Enamel (Tooth Surface) Wears Away and Reveals Tooth's Yellowish Dentin (Underneath Tooth Surface) * Poor Dental Hygiene: Not Brushing or Flossing Regularly * Genes: Some People are Genetically Prone to Having Whiter Enamel than Others * Medications: Some Antibiotics, Mouthwashes, and Other Medicinal Drugs * Tobacco: Cigarettes, Pipes, Cigars, and Chewing Tobacco * Environment: Water that's High in Fluoride or Excessive Use of Certain Tooth Pasts, Rinses, etc. * Trauma: Falls, etc.

Can Damage and Affect the Enamel (Tooth Surface) * Disease: Certain Diseases and Treatments Affect Enamel (Tooth Surface) and Dentin (Underneath Tooth Surface) With the amount of teeth whitening products and teeth whitening systems available to consumers today, such as porcelain veneers, laser tooth whitening, tooth pastes, whitening strips, whitening gels, etc., it's no wonder why so many are confused and frustrated. WHY CHOOSE TEETH WHITENING? Whether you are willing to admit it or not, your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you. Some consider it to be an extension of your personal wardrobe.

Unfortunately, because people tend to judge you by your smile, it also leads them to make false conclusions about your character and personality. So, when was the last time you honestly looked at yourself in the mirror? Do you see what others see? In addition to rapid discoloration of your teeth due to food, poor hygiene, age, smoking, etc., there are others reasons why you should consider teeth whitening now. Everywhere you go, people notice your smile. Stop worrying about the discoloration of your teeth.

Brushing regularly, flossing daily, as well as using whitening strips, whitening gels, and tooth pastes may improve your teeth whiteness by a few shades, but to experience life-changing results, you should consult a qualified, professional dentist soon. In addition to reversing the discoloration of your teeth, the obvious benefits of teeth whitening are an improved smile and enhanced appearance, allowing you to stop worrying about your smile and instead focus on enjoying life, relationships, and career goals. For example, imagine that you are heading to that all-important job interview. Hiring specialists admittedly reveal time and time again that they make a special point of looking for people who have a positive attitude and are prone to compulsive smiling. What if you went to the job interview and didn't smile simply because you were conscious of your teeth? What about the wedding in the next few months, a special date coming up, or that family portrait you've been putting off? Get back those whiter teeth, a great smile, and enjoy life once again! TEETH WHITENING RESULTS: Within the field of cosmetic dentistry, there isn't one definitive system or chart that measures and determines tooth color.

However, when deciding a proper course of action with teeth whitening a professional dentist will first refer to what's known as a shade guide. Most shade guides represent 4 basic shade ranges: A - reddish brown, B - reddish yellow, C - gray and D - reddish gray. Within each range, there are usually several levels. When you consult a professional dentist regarding teeth whitening they will begin by matching each tooth to a shade on the guide.

Then, they will make an assessment as to your possible shade improvement based on a several areas, such as dental hygiene habits, severity of the stains, age, etc. According to an earlier report by WSBTV in Atlanta, GA, teeth whitening is becoming increasingly popular, but it is still rather expensive, costing upwards of $400 to $600, sometimes even higher. It's important to understand that there are no exact answers as to exactly how white your teeth can actually become. Results typically depend on such things as your natural tooth color, your dental hygiene habits, how stubborn the stains are, if you are on medications, past trauma to the tooth, etc.

As with any medical procedure, don't take the chance with over-the-counter kits. It is ALWAYS best to first consult a qualified, professional dentist to determine a proper course of action based on your situation so it is done safely. offers consumers free, independent advice and information on teeth whitening solutions. A free downloadable report is available.

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