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You Can Have GreatLooking Hands With These Steps

Do you see womens hand and wish yours looked as good as theirs do? Maybe you visit a manicurist frequently and need to save a bit of money. While I do not recommend that you completely toss your manicurist because of the many benefits that are achieved through the hand and arm massage, I do think that you can cut back on these visits. To make your hands look their best from home, you need to know how to do a proper manicure (sans the massage, which is not very relaxing to do to yourself). To perform an at home manicure, you will need: a 4 way buffer, a pair of nail clippers, a soft toothbrush, cuticle oil, polish (base, color and top coat), a hand towel or washcloth, and a bowl filled with warm water and a mild, antibacterial soap. If you like, you may want to get a bottle of cuticle oil, but many men opt to avoid this step. Even if you have just washed you hands, you need to use the antibacterial soap in your water; if you should happen to cut yourself, you don't want bacteria to enter the wound.

Dip one hand in the warm water for about five minutes. Take it out, brush the tops of the nails and under the free edge (white tip), and dry with your hand towel (or washcloth). To dry the nails, rub the towel up your nail, pushing against the cuticle.

If you always dry your hands this way (after hand washing, showering, etc), your cuticles will naturally become exfoliated and look neater. I do not recommend using cuticle nippers or scissors because they will cause your cuticle to become thicker in time. Trim your nails using the nail clippers. This should not go into the corners of the nail as it can cause a variety of conditions (especially on toes when you cut the corners too deep).

On your 4 way buffer, you can feel the different grits by feeling how rough each section is. Use the roughest section and file the free edge, rounding the corners (you don't want to scratch anyone). Using the surface that is the slightly smoother, go back along the edges, removing the filings that you can see. Rub your finger across each edge, smoothing rough places with this same section of the file. Now, using the smoothest surface (aside from the grey, rubber section), lightly buff the tops of your nails to remove light ridges. Deep ridges cannot be removed because you file too much nail away trying to get rid of them.

This step is only used if you are not going to use any polish, buff the nail with the rubber section of your 4 way buffer. Apply a tiny amount of cuticle oil to each cuticle and massage into the nail and cuticle (you DO NOT want to apply cuticle oil right now if you are planning to polish you nails as the polish will not adhere to the nail properly and may take much longer to dry. If you are using polish, apply your base coat now, taking care not to apply it too thick. Base coat is a must if you want to grow your nails or you are using colored polish. If you only want a clear polish, simply apply two coats of this base coat and let dry.

Again, if you are ONLY using this clear polish, apply your cuticle oil, applying a tiny amount to each cuticle and massage into the nail and cuticle.

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